The First Friends Experience

The Whole Child

We desire to grow the child’s head, heart, and hands by providing an environment that meets all their needs socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and spiritually. We engage children’s hearts and minds to love and know God through Bible-based curriculum.

Our Education

We believe learning takes place as young children touch, manipulate and experiment with things and interact with people.  As a result, we provide hands- on learning through play, age-appropriate activates and a scope and sequence we have developed with the help of professional educators.  Many of our pre-k teachers are state certified.

Our Partnership

We strive to partner with our parents and work alongside our families to ensure the Littles in our care thrive.  We welcome parents in many aspects of our program.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We are a state-licensed church preschool and we continually implement attitudes and actions that reflect state standards as well as a heart that reflects the Lord. We desire to create loving and secure campus where students thrive in their development.



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